St. George in Uzhgorod

In the center of Uzhhorod there is the oldest Roman Catholic church in this city - the Church of St. George. This magnificent snow-white neo-baroque building with a clock on the tower attracts with its simplicity and panache at the same time. The temple inside is even more impressive, because ancient wall paintings and a skillfully crafted iconostasis have been preserved in it. In the courtyard of the church, you can see the statue of Our Lady, restored after the effects of World War II, as old as the church itself.

St. George was built in 1610 by the ruler Yuri Druget, who accepted the Catholic faith. However, he did not have time to complete the construction of the temple, because the city passed over to another owner who did not continue to build the temple. For this reason, the church obtained its final appearance only in 1766, more than a hundred years after the beginning of construction works. St. George was renovated several times: first in 1830, then in 1881 and 1910. During the last reconstruction, completed in 2001, a sculpture of the Virgin Mary was restored in the churchyard. St. George was created at the meeting point of two styles - Baroque and Neo-Baroque. In the 18th century, it was rebuilt and the architectural design slightly changed thanks to the heirs of Bercheni, who was an outstanding master of applied arts. It is his paintings that decorate the interior of the church. Inside, there is also an ancient iconostasis that harmonizes with marble walls and stained glass windows.